Truflight Full Length Feathers 12pk

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Truflight Full Length Feathers

TrueFlight Full Length feathers are the finest turkey feathers available anywhere. Bright colors and uniform pre-ground quills for consistent fletching dozen to dozen. TrueFlight Feathers are proudly made in the USA for the best in quality and availability.

Sold by the dozen

With a full length feather your options are limitless. You can get a Feather Chopper or Feather Burner to create different fletchings for your arrows. The length of your fletching determines how many you can get from one full length feather. The normal is one as you should make your fletching from the center of the feather where the quill is the most uniform. 

These are full length feathers that have been split and the flange prepared for gluing to your shafts. Use these feathers to make flu-flus and to cut or burn your own fletching for your target and bowhunting arrows.

  • Size Full Length
  • Length 11in or 279.4mm approximately
  • Height 1.375in or 34.93mm
  • Weight 9.9 grains

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