Truflight 5 inch Parabolic Feathers 25pk

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Truflight Feathers 5 Inch Parabolic 25 Pack

TrueFlight feathers are the finest turkey feathers available anywhere. Bright colors and uniform pre-ground quills for consistent fletching dozen to dozen. TrueFlight Feathers are proudly made in the USA for the best in quality and availability.

Feathers are extremely light weight, high strength with fold down forgiveness and aerodynamic "grip" of unsurpassed quality and are up to 700 times lighter than vanes. They provide faster arrow velocities and eliminate bow window clearance problems. No man-made vane comes even close.

The bases or quills of Trueflight Feathers are ground which means no other preparation is needed before you fletch your arrows.

  • Size 5 inches
  • Length 5in or 127mm
  • Height 0.56in or 14.29mm
  • Weight 3.2 grains

25 Pack

5 inch parabolic RIGHT WING feather

Please specify colour choice