Saunders No Twist Bow Stringer

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This Stringer is used to string recurve or straight bow sets up to 70lb.

Eliminate twisting of limbs while stringing your bow.The top limb gripper fits below the string loop allowing for full easy access to upper limb string notches. The non-marring gripper will not damage limbs.

Tough, nylon braid can be used on bows up to 70 lbs. The Saunders no twist stringer helps prevent bow limbs from being twisted due to improper stringing, soft vinyl saddle. Always use safety glasses when stringing a bow.

Always use a bowstringer when stringing or unstringing to protect yourself from personal injury while stringing. Stringing a bow without a bow stringer or stringing your bow by stepping through the bow and bending the limb will void the warranty on the bow and can cause injury to the archer or bystanders. All bow warranties require you to string and unstring your bow using a bowstringer.