Gateway Camo 4" Parabolic Feathers 25pk

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Feather fletchings are very forgiving and stabilise the arrow very quickly.  They have a built in natural spin when fletched straight, or are commonly fletched with a helical to increase spin and maximise arrow stability.

Although they are sold as ‘left wing' and ‘right wing', this does not reflect the hand of the archer. It is referring to the wing of the bird, not the handedness of the archer.  A left handed archer can shoot a right wing feather perfectly well.  Just do not mix them! 

If you are going to be fletching with a helical fletching jig, by sure to match the clamp direction to the feather.  E.g. If you are using right wing feathers you will need a right wing fletching clamp.  If using a straight clamp, the wing does not matter.

25 Pack

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