Easton CB Inserts 12pk

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Easton CB Inserts fit

  • Easton PowerFlight shafts
  • Easton LightSpeed shafts
  • Easton LightSpeed 3D shafts
  • Easton Flatline shafts
  • Easton Flatline Surgical shafts
  • Beman ICS Venture shafts
  • Beman Matrix shafts
  • Beman Hunter Hawk shafts
  • All other Beman ICS shafts
  • Easton standard carbon shafts
  • All CB Insert compatible shafts without unibushing
  • Other shafts that also take the CB components

Precision manufactured and use standard 8-32 broadheads and RPS points and come in packs of 12 and weigh 21 grains.

Industry leading tolerances for superior alignment made from precision alloy.