Easton ACC One Piece Parabolic Points 12pk

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Easton ACC one piece Parabolic Points represent one of the most technologically advanced arrow shaft components. For a precise fit, perfect flight and to increase your chances of standing victorious on the winner's podium, insist on Easton. Authentic Easton components absolutely make a difference.

You have chosen one of the world's most accurate arrow shafts. Why would you choose anything but authentic Easton components to complete your arrows?

Inferior knock-off components may appear to fit your shaft, but they lack Easton's precision engineering, top quality materials and rigid quality standards.

For a precise fit and perfect flight, insist on authentic Easton components.

Easton ACC one piece Parabolic Points come in a pack of 12 in the following sizes

  • Easton A/C/C 3-28 and Redline 600 shafts take ACC-28 points in 60, 70, 87 and 100 grain weights
  • Easton A/C/C 3-39 shafts take ACC-39 points in 60, 70, 85 and 100 grains weights
  • Easton A/C/C 3-49 shafts and Redline 520 and 460 shafts take ACC-49 points in 70, 80 and 100 grain weights
  • Easton A/C/C 3-60 shafts and Redline 410 and 360 shafts take ACC-60 points in 80, 90 and 108 grain weights
  • Please specify grain weight.