X10 Pro Tour Stainless break off Points 12pk

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X10 Stainless Steel Points represent the most technologically advanced arrow shaft components. For a precise fit, perfect flight and to increase your chances of standing victorious on the winner's podium, insist on Easton. Authentic Easton components absolutely make a difference.

X10 pro tour stainless steel break off point

You have chosen the world's most accurate arrow shaft. Why would you choose anything but authentic Easton components to complete your arrows?

Inferior knock-off components may appear to fit your shaft, but they lack Easton's precision engineering, top quality materials and rigid quality standards.

For a precise fit and perfect flight, insist on authentic Easton components.

Easton X10 Stainless Steel Break Off Points 120, 110, 100 grains, in a pack of 12.

Suitable for Easton X10 and Easton X10 Pro Tour arrow shafts

Sold in packs of 12