6 Tusker Spirit Broadheads

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Tusker Spirit screw in 2 blade broadhead

  • 125 grain or 100 grain
  • length 1 7-8" or 47mm 
  • cutting diameter 1 1-8" or 28mm
  •  .035" blade thickness
  • 5-16" ferrule
  • 2 solid blades for strength and penetration.

Broadheads come with a factory bevelled edge for you to sharpen to your desired angle. Use a broadhead sharpener to sharpen your broadheads - sharpener sold separately. No venting means silent broadhead flight.

  • Individually spin tested
  • No venting for silence
  • 2 blades for strength and penetration
  • Factory bevelled edge
  • Australian made

Every Tusker broadhead has been individually spin tested. If the broadhead does not meet Tusker's exacting quality assurance standards, it does not leave the factory - simple as that. High carbon spring steel 50 Rockwell C hardness.

For all your hunting needs - from rabbits and foxes to the boar and mighty buffalo. Tusker Broadheads - proudly made in Australia since 1964.