Tusker 190grn Concord Screw on broadhead 6 pack

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Tusker Concorde broadhead

  • Screw in
  • 2 blade
  • 190 grains
  • 2.75" or 70mm long
  • Cutting diameter 1.188" or 30mm
  • 0.05" blade thickness
  • 11-32" ferrule

2 solid blades for strength and penetration.

Solid unvented blades mean there is silent flight.

Tusker broadheads come with a factory bevelled edge, leaving you to razor sharpen to your desired angle.

You must use a broadhead sharpener to sharpen your broadheads to razor sharpness. Once sharpened, you can perform a test to see if broadhead is sharp - broadheads will normally shave hair on your upper arm. Broadhead sharpeners are sold separately.