WNS Explore W1 Limbs

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The combination of fibreglass along with two wooden layers gives the Explore W1 limbs a great flexablilty, making them more comfortable as well as more accurate during shooting, even with a low poundage

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These laminated recurve limbs are suitable for any riser. WNS Explore W1 Fibre Limbs are a combination of fibreglass with two strips of wood and are the perfect choice for juniors or beginners, producing a great shot every time.

WNS Explore W1 Fibre Limbs are extremely durable and light, a high quality limb for entry level to intermediates.

Developed for use on the WNS Explore riser or handle, these limbs feature an international limb fitment and thus can be used on a wide range of handles.

Available in Short (66 Inch Medium ( 68 Inch ) Large (70 Inch)

  • 70" in draw weight range from 18lbs to 38lbs, in 2lbs increments
  • 68" in draw weight range from 16lbs to 36lbs, in 2lbs increments
  • 66" in draw weight range from 16lbs to 34lbs, in 2lbs increments