Jim Fletcher Tru Peep

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Jim Fletcher Tru Peep

String roll is not a problem with this light weight peep that comes in 6 sizes. The FLETCHER TRU-PEEP is an all aluminum peep sight that weighs a mere 8 1/2 grains. Its ingenious design allows for a perfectly round, shaded hole at full draw and eliminates the need for protuding hoods.

String roll and angle are not a problem. Safety-tie groove keeps peep in place.  

The TRU-PEEP is available in five sizes.

  • MICRO is a 1/32" hole
  • SMALL is a 3/64" hole
  • LARGE is a 1/16" hole
  •  mini hunter 3/32 " hole
  •  HUNTER is a 1/8" hole
  •  SUPER HUNTER is a 3/16" hole
  •  Mega Hunter 7/32" hole
  • MAX HUNTER is a 1/4" hole