Carter Only Large 3 finger release aid

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Carter's ONLY hinged release is the only release you'll ever want to shoot again.

The ONLY has taken the simple principles of a hinged style release and totally re-written them into a silky smooth rotating back tension release, capped with a handle that is both ergonomic and comfortable.

The ONLY is now simply the smoothest and fastest hinge style release in the world. But it gets better.

The angle can be adjusted up to 35 degrees and with the revolutionary Variable Crescent Technology (V.C.T.), firing speed adjustments are limitless.

Traditional hinge release firing speed is controlled by the hinge position on the half-moon.

They have replaced that half-moon with your choice of three crescent cams that range from 0 to 5 degrees of radius curvature.

The magic is in the cams giving you total customising of the release head angle and firing speed, meaning you can set the release to fire really fast or very slow.