Bohning Modern Arrow Building

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Modern Arrow Building' DVD
Produced by RUSTED ROOSTER MEDIA for Bohning Archery 

Instructional DVD that takes you through the A to Z of fletching your own arrows.
Maximise your arrow performance.

Obviously this DVD is slanted towards the use of Bohning products but the demonstrated techniques 
and results are achievable with similar products on the market.  
High Tech Manufacturing
Take a brief tour of Bohning's manufacturing process and history.
Proper Vane and Adhesive Selection
An overview of the vanes and adhesives produced by Bohning.
Nock Use and Selection
Overview of Bohning Nocks and which nock to suit choose for your 
archery style/ equipment.
Fletching Jig Capabilities and Use.
Overview of Bohning Jigs, how to use them and which vanes to use 
for your set-up and needs.

Run Time:  15 minutes approx