What is Arrow Spine?

What Is Arrow Spine?

Whether you're new to archery or a seasoned enthusiast, understanding the concept of arrow spine is crucial for optimising your shot accuracy and consistency. Arrow spine refers to the stiffness of an arrow shaft, and it plays a significant role in the way an arrow reacts upon release, affecting its flight pattern and performance.


Why Does Arrow Spine Matter?

When an arrow is shot from a bow, it experiences various forces that can cause it to flex or bend during flight. Arrow spine rating is a measure of an arrow shaft's resistance to this flexing. A higher spine rating indicates a stiffer arrow, while a lower spine rating indicates a more flexible arrow.

The right arrow spine is important because it helps ensure that the arrow achieves the ideal amount of flex upon release, allowing it to recover quickly and fly straight. If the arrow spine is too stiff or too weak for the archer's bow and setup, it can result in inconsistent flight patterns, reduced accuracy, and even damage to the equipment.


Factors Influencing Arrow Spine

Several factors influence arrow spine, including:

1. Bow Weight

The peak weight of the bow is a vital factor in determining the appropriate arrow spine. A higher bow weight typically requires a stiffer arrow, while a lower bow weight usually works better with a more flexible arrow.

2. Arrow Length

The length of the arrow also affects its spine. Longer arrows are more prone to flexing, so they usually require a stiffer spine to compensate. Shorter arrows, on the other hand, typically work better with a softer spine.

3. Point Weight

The weight of the arrow point or broadhead can have an impact on arrow spine. Heavier points generally require a stiffer arrow, while lighter points may work well with a more flexible arrow.

4. Point/Insert Combination

The combination of the point and insert used in the arrow also affects its spine. Different combinations can change the overall weight distribution, thereby influencing the arrow's flex.


Selecting the Right Arrow Spine

To determine the appropriate arrow spine for your setup, it is highly recommended to consult an experienced archery shop or professional. They can assist you in selecting the correct arrow spine based on factors such as your bow weight, arrow length, and intended use (target shooting, bowhunting, etc.). They may also consider your shooting style, release type, and personal preferences.

Additionally, many arrow manufacturers provide spine charts to help archers find the suitable arrow spine for their specific setup. These charts often take into account bow weight, arrow length, and other relevant factors to provide guidance in selecting the appropriate arrow shaft.



Arrow spine is a critical aspect of archery that affects the flight pattern, consistency, and accuracy of an arrow. By understanding how arrow spine works and considering factors such as bow weight, arrow length, and point weight, archers can select the right arrow spine for their setup. Consulting professionals or referring to spine charts provided by arrow manufacturers can further assist in making an informed decision.

Remember, choosing the proper arrow spine is essential for optimising your shooting experience and maximising your shooting performance.


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