Trufire Patriot Release aid

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RELIABLE PROVEN UNIT THAT ALWAYS DELIVERS! We have been including the Patriot in our Ready To Hunt packages for over a decade Thanks to those packages, we now have TENS OF THOUSANDS of shooters with this release and we've received overwhelmingly positive feedback about it over the years. To put it bluntly, IT JUST NEVER BREAKS! It is honestly kind of mind blowing that such a good, user friendly, well built release can be found at such a reasonable price point. One of the most common things customers tell us about this release is that they are surprised how good it actually turned out to be because, as we all know, most inexpensive things are usually not very good. Not in this case though! The Patriot is loaded with some pretty awesome things to offer shooters, such as its bulletproof hardened and teflon coated trigger and jaws, and the CNC Machined body, all the way down to the high quality velcro strap. Like I said, we know for a fact that the Trufire Patriot is capable of delivering some serious performance and years of hard service to any shooter that straps it on their wrist! We know because we have seen it work again and again over the years! So don't let the price fool you, The Patriot is a solid release for serious shooting. You won't be able to wear it out if you try. Thousands of Ready-to-Hunt bow customers can't possibly be wrong, this release is the real deal.