Truball Max Hunter 3 finger Release

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The Max Hunter 3 gives you all of the accuracy and consistency or a target release with the features that a hardcore hunter demands.

This release is completely silent so you will not spook game and features easy open jaws to help you get connected at the moment of truth.

The head swivels 360 degrees to eliminate torque and help you be more consistent. The smaller head on this release allow you to shoot more draw length allowing you to get maximum performance from your bow. The Max Hunter + 3 fires by pushing the thumb trigger forward to help you squeeze the release and prevent the dreaded punch release. 

·         Trigger fires by pushing forward

·         Completely silent for successful hunting

·         Easy to open and close jaws

·         Head swivels 360 degrees

·         Adjustable sensitivity screw

·         1/2" size economic head