Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Click

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The SmackDown PRO Click arrow rest is full of features that are wrapped up in a sleek, lightweight and compact package.

Hard core bowhunters will be happy to know that Trophy Taker did not let some fancy contours compromise their commitment to durability.

The 100% metal rest utilises a stainless steel launcher and axle that pivots inside super smooth dual bearings.

  • Micro-adjustable
  • 5 different locking points on the mounting bar for securing the rest to the riser
  • Can be configured for attachment to the upper limb, lower limb, up cable or down cable
  • Built in launcher dampeners
  • A quick and easy cord length adjustment
  • Activation cord connects to lower limb or up cable
  • No cable tension at full draw
  • Included limb attachment clasp installs quickly and adjusts easily
  • Launcher pivots on rock solid bearings
  • All metal construction