Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot

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STRONGER BRACKET, TOUGHER HOUSING: The Whisker Biscuit line-up got a little 'refresh' a few seasons ago, and the base model was redesigned to have a thicker framework and graduated adjustments. T

Here's all you need to know ... this is the Whisker Biscuit with the newer mounting bracket (and the newer version is ambidextrous). Frankly, once you align any of these whisker biscuit arrow rests and lock them down, they all perform exactly the same, ( except for the Chinese copies which are terrible ), but in the interest of appeasing the good, better, best marketing Gods ... we'll keep playing along. Whatever model whisker biscuit you choose, you'll find that this arrow rest is for real. The arrow rest just works ... it really REALLY works. When no other arrow rest will tune - a Whisker Biscuit will. When no other arrow rest will hold up  - a Whisker Biscuit will. This arrow rest dominates the archery market - has for over a decade. There's almost no need to discuss how or why it works. It just does. If you want to put some game animals on the ground, just get a Whisker Biscuit. If you want to show-off to your friends, amaze them with an expensive drop away model. When it really counts ... bolt on the Whisker Biscuit and go fill your big game tags. You can always monkey around with some microdrive contraption rest later. Once most people use the Whisker Biscuit for hunting, they never go back to anything else (except maybe when their friends are looking). Resist if you like ... but you'll be back. If you don't own a whisker biscuit, you might take care of that now. 

Great for all vane types in straight , offset and helical.

Suits right hand and left hand shooters.