Trophy Ridge Hex Light Quiver

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The Trophy Ridge Hex Light bow quiver features four glowing green LED lights - three on top and one inside the hood.

In lowlight conditions, the Hex Light will let you find where you are going by using the lights on top of the quiver as a torch. As you hold your bow in hand it will act as a torch leaving your other hand free to work your release aid. The light inside the hood allows you to see where your broadheads are, so that you can pull them out quietly and safely.

Among these features the Hex Light is also a great quiver, it features a soft hood built from advanced vibration dampening material, dual arrow grippers with adjustable width, and a lower profile side mount to keep your quiver close to your bow promoting better balance.

  • Built-in LED lights illuminate arrows and surroundings in low light
  • Soft-touch hood construction reduces vibration and eliminates noise
  • Features quick attachment design for fast and easy mounting and detachment
  • Adjustable mounting offers low profile against the bow and arrow containment within the bow
  • Customizable single or dual arrow grippers and precision-designed hood included