Sureloc Quest X recurve Sight

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Take your shooting to the X-Treme! If you're looking for an ultra-light sight for your recurve that doesn't sacrifice dependability or accuracy, SURE-LOC has the Recurve X-Treme Series.

Featuring an ultra-light isogrid extension, slim windage block for added adjustment and recurve aperture holder with locking nut and Beiter washer, this model is 22% to 28% lighter than its compound counterpart.

The Quest-X is the world's finest recurve sight featuring the patented no-lock vertical and horizontal tracking design that made SURE LOC famous.

The lightweight Quest-X is available as a 14cm or 5.5" sight frame with 22.9cm or 9" extension in black and bright anodised silver

Hold a SURE LOC Quest-X sight and you know you're holding quality - everything fits right, feels right and works right.

  • World's finest sight for a recurve bow
  • Super strong and ultra light
  • No-lock design - with the push of a button, you can move your block up or down
  • The ULTIMATE sight for today's competitors is better than ever! 40% lighter Titanium guide rod with super-strong 175,000 psi rating and .0001 grind tolerance featured in Quest X sights.
  • Patented super accurate vertical and horizontal tracking system
  • Signature fully relieved Isogrid design
  • Micro adjustments in very accurate and repeatable .002" increments
  • 8-32" thread
  • Unique patented split-block design for easy aperture swapping
  • Dove tail mount
  • Micro elevation
  • Micro windage
  • Precise, repeatable sight and accessory mounting
  • Sims Vibration Laboratory dampening technology inside
  • Quest-X 550 is for recurve use only and not to be used with a 10-32 scope
  • Comes with a lock down sight carrying case