Sterner Dutters String Splitters

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Have you ever had to pass up a shot on a trophy animal because you could not see through your peep sight? Do you wear glasses and have trouble focusing on your bow sight when looking through your peep? If you have these problems then Sterner Duttera has developed the answer with the String Splitter. This unique product allows you to shoot with both eyes open while maintaining a rock solid anchor point giving you great accuracy and an increased field of view. Don't miss your chance of a lifetime because you cannot see through your peep sight. Give the String Splitter from Sterner Duttera a try. This product may require the use of a bow press for installation.

The Mini is our #1 selling String Splitter! Thousands of hunters have seen the difference in low light shooting capabilities and increased field of view. The Mini is ideal for all hunting situations with its 1/4” opening. That’s why it’s the peep of choice by most professional hunters. Weight is approximately 20 grains. Black.

You spoke and we listened. Hunters wanting a 3/16” opening. Here it is. The Micro gives you over 3.5 X’s the light to your eye over a conventional 3/16” diameter peep, and over 500% field of view. Weighing in at only 9 grains, the Micro is a must for any hunter wanting the best in peep sight technology. Black.

The Jr. is an excellent choice for someone who hunts from a blind, or has eye problems and can’t get comfortable with smaller peep sights, but still wants the accuracy advantages they offer. Many pro shooters agree, the Jr. is all they need and more, and they love the 7/16“ opening! Weight is 40 grains. Black.