Steel Force Phat Head 125grn 3 pack

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Phat is where it's at! The Steel Force PhatHead makes being fat fantastic! At .080" thick, the main blade it is the thickest in the industry and is nearly indestructible! The PhatHead is a big, bold, and bad broadhead that pushes its way through any obstacle, bullies its way through muscle, and bashes its way through bone! Awesome penetration and superb field point like arrow flight. What more could you want?

The removable bleeder is 3/4" wide. The 125 grain model has an Aluminum ferrule, vented main blade, and measures 1¾" long x 1-1/8" cutting width. The straight edge blades offer a slightly better penetration advantage over convex blades.

Steel Force builds there blades from the finest knife grade Stainless Steel available. They use a straight edge on their blades to offer a slightly better penetration advantage over convex blade broadheads.

Designed to fit all carbon and aluminum arrows as they have an industry standard 8-32 thread. This is the same thread used by all arrow inserts (except Easton Deep Six).

Technical Information

  • Broadhead Type: fixed blade
  • Weight: 125 grain
  • Number of Blades: 2
  • Cutting Diameter: 1 ¼"
  • Ferrule Material: steel
  • Quantity: 3

Sold by the 3-pack. Available in 125