Quicktune 2000 drop away arrow rest

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Quicktune Dropaway 2000 arrow rest

The DropAway 2000 rest offers serious archers improved arrow flight, with a rugged, dependable braided steel cable connected to the cable saver used to raise launcher into a precise and accurate shooting position when bow is brought to full draw.

Spring loaded launcher arm drops down upon release, completely eliminates vane contact and the disastrous effects that contact has on arrow flight and accuracy. This is especially so with arrows with broadheads.

Launcher prongs act as an arrow holder and have factory installed Fork Tamers, fast and easy set-up. No bulky, complicated linkages, no wimpy and uncertain strings and no unreliable rubber tubing to struggle with.

When the bow is drawn, cable slide moves back and arrow rest is pulled precisely up to launch position. When the bow is shot, slide moves forward and rest spring rotates instantly down and out of the way.

Available in right and left hand models. Please specify RH or LH.

DropAway 2000 Kit contains

  • Arrow rest
  • Arrow holder
  • Allen wrench - one is all you need!
  • Instructions

NAP QuikTune DropAway 2000 ArrowRest

  • Perfect fletching clearance EVERY TIME!
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Dual silent arrow holders
  • Rugged, hassle-free steel cable
  • 5 minute, one wrench set up