PSE Vibracheck Backstop 2

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Vibracheck BACKSTOP 2
Features a Vibracheck rubber stopper, which eliminates string vibration and hand shock. 
The Vibracheck Backstop stop the forward motion of the bow string, which allows the string to stop at its natural resting point.

The Backstop 2 on all 2013/2014 Pro Series PSE Bows (except the 'Drive').
It is super-adjustable for more precise contact with the bow-string.

Threads into the rear stabilizer hole on compound bows with AMO 5/16-24 thread.
Your bow must have a 5/16-24 threaded hole on the back of the riser for the Backstop 2 to fit.
  • Reduce hand shock.
  • Eliminate string slap.
  • Reduce shot noise.
  • Allows you to remove speed robbing string mounted silencers on most bows.  
  • Helps increase your accuracy.

The BackStop II uses Star Key (TORX) adjustment bolts not hex.
Long: 5.6" to 7.1"
Short: 4.5" to 6.0"

Measure from the rear threaded stabilizer bushing to the string on your bow to find the best fit.
It will not fit Elite bows.