PSE Stinger Extreme Field Ready kit

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The legendary PSE Stinger™ is amped up with the all-new 2019 PSE Stinger™ Extreme! Delivering hands-down the greatest shooting experience on the budget market, the 316 fps Stinger™ Extreme is engineered on a new and improved riser platform, high-performance SX cam, and upgraded limb pockets.

PSE Archery have been making the Stinger range for over half a decade, so you know the new Stinger Extreme is going to be a keeper. Perfect as a first bow for nearly any archer who wants to shoot well, the Stinger Extreme offers insane adjustment to suit a large variety of people and purposes. Unlike most other bows in the price range that offer this adjustment, the Stinger does not sacrifice performance.

Built on a new riser for 2018, the rigid and smooth shooting Stinger Extreme will be launching arrows downrange at an IBO speed rating of 316fps! Within it's respective price range, that is blazing fast. Of course, compared to some modern compound bows on the market, it isn't considered a speed bow, but when you take into account that it is a single cam system, it seems unbelievable. How can you get a single cam with a lot of weight and length adjustment, to shoot as quick as a dual or hybrid cam with the same level of adjustment? PSE's advanced compression limbs and cam systems are engineered far beyond their time! You will also need to perform less maintenance and tuning with this platform setup.

Installed on this bow is a genuine PSE Archery field ready Kit! You will receive the following accessories;

  • 3 Pin Gemini Sight
  • Stabilizer
  • Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit ( upgrade to drop away for a few more $)
  • 5 Arrow Bow quiver
  • Peep Sight
  • D-loop
  • Release Aid
  • 3 Carbon Arrows


ATA/IBO Speed: 316-308fps

Brace Height: 7-1/8 Inch

Axle to Axle: 32-1/2 Inch

Let Off: 75%

Mass Weight: 3.8lbs

Draw Length Range: 21-30 Inch

Peak Draw Weight Options: 55lbs / 70lbs

Max Limb Bolt Turns: 15

Available in Left or Right Handed