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PSE target shooters have been primarily shooting the Dominator for the last several years without many changes to the target scene for PSE. There have been longer axel to axel bows introduced by PSE, which would work well standing on the tournament line, but a fully designed target bow has been a while coming from the PSE camp. The 2016 Xpression is a nice target bow offering, which keeps some great features about the beloved Dominator, but also changes and updates some technology as well. For serious target shooters, the Xpression Wedge Lock adjustments combined with the DM cam system adjustments will allow shooters the ability to set the bow perfectly for them right down to how they hold the bow. The shoot through riser design is unique in that it is reflexed on one side, and deflexed on the other. This helps with the rigidity of the riser adding some strength, but also adds a lot to the overall design and cool factor of the bow as well. Obviously, shooters attempting to win tournaments, money, and bragging rights shooting a bow are not entirely interested in how cool a bow looks, but when great looks pair with great shooting and lots of adjustability, it makes it really hard for shooters to turn down. The performance of the small cams in addition to the 40-inch axel to axel measurement really give shooters a perfect specification target bow on paper. Shooters able to spend the money on a fully redesigned tournament bow should try out an Xpression from the PSE lineup.

Peak ATA/IBO Speed: 316 fps 
Draw Length Range: 26" to 31.5" 
Factory Preset: 29" 
Draw Weight: 48#-60# 
Max Limb Bolt Turns From Bottom 13 
Brace Height: 7.12 IN 
Axle-to-Axle: 40IN 
Let-Off: 75%