Northern Broadheads Gand Slam 135grn 6 pack

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Northern Broadheads Bone Splitter Grand Slam 135 grain 6 pack

Designed to give field point accuracy the Bone Splitter broadhead will hit the mark . Its razor sharp out of the packet so there is no wasting time when you get to the hunting site .

The blades are stainless steel with a 1 and 1/4 inch cut to give great blood trails .

Single bevel to aid in penetration

The back of the blade has also been sharpened to a razor edge to assist in easy removal from your 3D block and the animal.

These are great for Pigs , Goats , Deer , Rabbits and foxes .

(remember it is illegal to shoot native animals )

Fits all alloy and carbon shafts with screw in inserts except DEEP SIX

THESE ARE THE ORIGINALS and not cheep copies