Hot Shot X Tasy Release aid

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Hotsho X-Tasy Release Aid

Winning shots don’t come easily, and when it comes to shootability nothing rivals the new Hot Shot X-tacy release. The ergonomically correct release features critical surface area on the inside. This eliminates pinch points, for comfortable shooting through every end of a weeknight league or while toeing the line in Vegas. Because of its sleek and streamlined design, the X-tacy can be held deep in the hand or further out on your fingers while still remaining comfortable eliminating numb and tingling fingers, even after hours of shooting.

 The X-tacy release’s unique Patent Pending Bow Tie Moon™ features three click speeds designed to fit the energy level and style of any shooter. Swift adjustment of the moon is accomplished by a single set-screw making easy work of dialing the X-tacy in for 10-ring repeatability.

Serious archers understand that their influence during release can make or break a round- that’s why spotties and 3-D shooters alike will appreciate the X-tacy’s super-crisp firing mechanism. The Hot Shot exclusive Titanium-Diamond Nitride™ coating and hardening process offers stronger parts with 60-percent less friction than 440 Stainless Steel and ensures the hook and seer won’t exhibit any brittleness under even the most extreme working temperatures while still functioning flawlessly no matter what.


Hot Shot X-Tacy Release Features:

  • Sleek and streamlined design
  • Patent Pending Bow Tie Moon w/ three click speeds
  • Super-crisp firing mechanism
  • Titanium-Diamond Nitride™ coating