Dri eze feather dry powder

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Water repellent powder for feathers.

The easiest feather treating system available.

So convenient and effective and no mess and your feathers will repell water.

Colourless, odourless & long lasting and will not affect feather adhesion.

Simply place a small amount of powder into the plastic bag provided. Place feather end of your arrow in the bag and close bag tightly around the shaft. Shake and work powder into feathers. Shake arrow to remove excess powder and your feathers are ready to go.

Bohning Feather-Dri Water Repellent Powder 9gm or .32 oz

Bohning Feather Dri water repellent powder

  • Will not affect feather bond or adhesion
  • Convenient, effective & no mess
  • Easy application
  • Definitely repels water
  • Colourless, odourless & long lasting