Deer Addiction Bowhunting DVD

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This DVD gives an insight into what a bowhunter sees and does to outsmart and close the gap on some of Australia's most switched-on feral animals.

Get an over-the-shoulder view and watch and learn some of the habits of numerous deer including fallow, red, chital and rusa which inhabit certain parts of Australia.

Again the footage is clear and easy to watch, where you can witness some of the sights and sounds that draws thousands of hunters into the Aussie bush, year after year.

Deer Addiction contains impact shots with over a dozen deer are taken for the table and the wall.

You'll see first hand, the aggressive nature of the fallow bucks and red stags during their rut in March and April each year.

Watch plenty of rusa stags search and move in with their hinds in June and look over plenty of chital along the basalt wall near Charters Towers in Queensland.

This is another offering in an Australian bowhunting series by Brad Smith and his team at 2 Blade Productions. 2Blade Productions' DVDs are packed full of action from start to finish, capturing all that is involved with a hunt, along with closing the gap to well within the effective shooting distance for a hunter on a variety of game.

Rated MA15+ (Mature accompanied for those under 15) - Contains material that is considered unsuitable for exhibition by persons under the age of 15 who may only legally view under the supervision of an adult guardian. (Hunting violence).

Running time approximately 100 minutes.