Carbon Express Mayhem Arrow shafts

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The mayhem series is like 3 arrows in 1, engineered with our k-360°® weave technology to provide 360° spine consistency and deliver the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy and penetration.

The mayhem® hunter is the complete performance package in a camouflage arrow. Featuring our exclusive carbon express® built-in weight forward™ technology for superior downrange accuracy with a broadhead.

Built-In Weight Forward™ – Patented technology that offers superior downrange accuracy with a broadhead.

K-360°® Weave Technology – Back shaft section made with a patented arrow process that integrates a carbon weave into the outer layer of an arrow for added strength and spine consistency.

BuffTuff® – Front shaft section made with patented BuffTuff®, the world’s toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish. Featuring Mossy Oak® Obsession® pattern.

Real Straightness – Every Mayhem series arrow is laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. Each Mayhem® Hunter series arrow is checked to a straightness of +/- 0.0035″ as a maximum measurement, not an average

LAUNCHPAD™ Precision Nock – LAUNCHPAD™ Precision Nocks come standard on all Mayhem® Hunter arrows and shafts to deliver a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment and more consistent accuracy shot after shot.

Nock Collar – Carbon Express® proprietary BullDog™ Nock Collar comes standard on all Mayhem® Hunter arrows and shafts to protect the shaft against nock-end impacts.

Sizes: 250 (8.9gpi & .400 spine), 350 (9.8gpi & .350 spine)
Diameter: .298" (250), .300" (350)            
Available In: 12 pack shafts
Length: 32.5" 
Straightness factor: ±.0035"
Weight tolerance: ±1.0 grain

If you require these to be cut just leave us a message at checkout with the length you require.