Bowtech Carbon Icon DLX RAK Kit

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The Carbon Icon is the next generation of R.A.K. equipped Carbon bows. The Carbon Icon features top-level technologies that our competitors wish they could offer at a price they could never match. With Bowtech’s revolutionary PowerShift technology and field proven Binary cams loaded onto a lightweight and durable carbon riser, the Carbon Icon delivers performance and power with every shot. For bragging rights and big trophies, there’s no better bow than the Carbon Icon.
  • IBO Speed 335fps
  • Weight ranges 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs and 60-70lbs. Please specify weight required. All bows are adjustable 10lbs down from the peak draw weight.
  • Draw length range 26.5"-30.5". All bows feature draw length adjustments in 0.5" increments with rotating modules
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Axle to Axle 31"
  • Mass weight 3.2lbs
  • Let-Off 80%
  • Kinetic Energy 87.2 ft-lbs
  • Knight Riser
  • Binary Cam
  • Rotating Modules
  • PowerShift Technology
  • Single Offset String Suppressor makes release even quieter and counters the greatest amount of vibration
  • Octane Factory Strings and Cables
  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH


DLX Kit Includes

ow take a deep breath and prepare to be amazed at what components come standard with BowTech DLX RAK equipped bows. The RAK  DLX Package comprises

    • Black Gold 5 pin Rush sight, durability you can trust alongside easier and more secure adjustability
    • RipCord ACE arrow rest, fall away optimisation to stack the deck in your favour
    • TightSpot 5 arrow bow quiver, move the quiver in tight to your bow to eliminate accuracy robbing bow torque
    • Octane 7 inch Hunter Stabiliser Black
    • Carbon Peep Sight
  • Comfort Wrist Sling
  • All accessories have a unique look specific to the Carbon Icon DLX

Colours Available