Bear Species LD RTH Hunting Bow

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The Species LD is an adult hunting bow at an entry level price. This bow will fit almost any archer wanting to hunt, or shoot a compound bow with a draw length range of 25-32-inches. The single cam technology is known for easy drawing, and the 80% let off feels amazing while holding on target.

The Species LD is extremely adjustable, is economically priced, has multiple poundage options, a wide draw length span and includes many features to make your entry into this exciting sport absolutely effortless.

This highly versatile bow is engineered to provide the inclusions needed for comfort, speed and forgiveness in modern bow design while concentrating on functionality for new archers seeking incredible value.

The Species LD features an adjustable single cam design, allowing the draw length to shift between 25 and 32 inches, by way of a rotating module. Peak bow weight is offered in two ranges, these being 45 to 60 pounds and 55 to 70 pounds. 15 pounds of adjustability in one bow, not just 10? Yes, that is correct, the Species LD can be set 15 pounds down from its peak weight. If you are just getting into the sport and need to lower the weight while building strength, this is a big asset.

Full to the brim with Bear technology. No separate modules or bow press is needed to change your draw length. This compound bow by Bear will suit many archers from short to tall in stature and those who need a longer draw.

Along with all of this adjustability, the Species LD RTH still has more to offer! Shooting at speeds up to 310fps, it has plenty of speed to perform in the field. Weighing in at only 4.3 pounds of mass weight and a hunter-friendly 31" axle to axle, it is easily manoeuvrable in the bush.

Species LD RTH gets you out in the field, amongst the action, completely set up ready-to-hunt. With next level accessories included, it helps provide a great kick start to get a keen new archer headed down the right path.

Because that's the thing about any legend: They all had a little help in the beginning.

  • IBO Speed 310fps
  • Weight ranges 45-60lbs and 55-70lbs. Please specify weight required. All bows are adjustable 15lbs down from the peak draw weight
  • Draw length range 25"-32". Please specify draw length
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Axle to Axle 31"
  • Mass weight 4.3lbs
  • Let-Off 80%
  • S7 Perimeter weighted single cam
  • Riser machined aluminium
  • EnduraFibre Limbs for lethal, controlled power, provide unmatched flexibility and rigidity and allow for maximum weight adjustability for a customised fit for any shooter. The unique shape of the limb creates a reliable load distribution
  • Lock Down Pocket System
  • RockStops string recoil suppressors
  • ShockWaves limb dampening system
  • Advanced grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy
  • SonicKnots, string dampening that also provides incremental speed
  • Cable Slide allows for a more natural crossing position reducing cable wear
  • Strings and cables - Bear Pre-Stretched Contra-Band HP BCY 452X strings and cables - eliminates string stretch and peep rotation