Bear Salute RTH

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A great bow for the first-time bowhunter, the Bear® Archery Salute RTH Compound Bow Package comes ready for action. Outfitted with a 70% let-off, dual cam system, this bow offers a super smooth draw cycle with good speed and efficiency. Firing arrows towards your target at speeds up to 300 fps, this high performance hunting bow also offers great adjustability to give you both speed and comfort in the stand or blind. Grow-with-you-bow design gives bowhunters a peak draw weight range of 50 to 70 lbs. and a draw length range of 20"-30" to help you find that perfect fit and balance.

  • IBO Speed 300fps
  • Weight ranges 50lbs to 70lbs. All bows are adjustable 20lbs down from the peak draw weight
  • Draw length range, fully adjustable from 20 inches to 30 inches in 1" increments
  • Brace height 7.25" offers a high level of forgiveness
  • Axle to axle 31"
  • Mass weight 4.0lbs
  • Let-Off 70%
  • Limbs - max pre-load quad with zero tolerance limb pockets for high precision locked in fit and lethal, well controlled power
  • Riser - cast and precision machined aluminium alloy lightweight riser
  • Offset String Suppressor - string suppression system cuts vibration and noise
  • This cam system offers a super smooth draw cycle while keeping speed and efficiency with proven power to be the most versatile cam system on the market allowing for wide draw length adjustments. Comfortable let-off for easy draw and steady aim
  • Grip - advanced grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy
  • Contra-band Strings and Cables
  • Maximum adjustability
  • Grow with your bow
  • Available in Right Hand only
  • Available in Mossy Oak Break Up Country camo finish only

The Bear Salute comes fully loaded in a complete ready-to-hunt bow package

  • Bear Salute compound bow
  • Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit arrow rest black
  • Trophy Ridge Mist 3 pin .019 fibre optic sight black
  • Peep Sight
  • Nock Loop