AMS Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel

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If you love fishing, you will definitely become hooked on bowfishing with an AMS Retriever Pro bowfishing package with spool, line, reel and UV bottle - the perfect prescription for getting outdoors

New and better than ever from AMS Bowfishing is the Retriever Pro bowfishing reel, the finest most reliable bowfishing reel you can buy.

This reel is ideal for fresh or salt water bowfishing for the enthusiast who needs fast, simple function with zero drag and exceptional line control. The Retriever Pro is made with a new material that is stronger, lighter and more corrosion-resistant than ever before. With remarkable durability, it also has the best accessories integrated into one single unit that produces high performance results you can count on.

The Retriever Pro's line stacks conveniently in the famous AMS line container, rather than having to hand-wind line around a spool. This eliminates almost all drag which allows for deeper and longer shots. By simply pulling the trigger you can crank to retrieve your arrow in just seconds. There is also no bail to release before shooting, just draw, aim and shoot. Never lose an arrow again.